PetroAlliance has provided cementing services since 2003. Over this period the company has accumulated great operational experience in Western Siberia, Timano-Pechora and the Volga Ural regions, including the Far North and inside the Arctic Circle. In addition, PetroAlliance has a wide experience in cementing of any casing section, performing other pumping operations while drilling and wells treatment with acid and nonacid solutions.

Measurement While Drilling

The company's main activity is Measurements While Drilling/ Directional Drilling and some LWD technologies. At present, the company is providing services to Clients in Western Siberia, Volga-Urals and Timano-Pechora.

Drilling Fluids

The Drilling Fluids Department employs a team of qualified engineers and specialists, with an average exceeding 7 years' experience in the field. We provide drilling mud services for the largest drilling companies in Russia.