PetroAlliance has provided cementing services since 2003. Over this period the company has accumulated great operational experience in Western Siberia, Timano-Pechora and the Volga Ural regions, including the Far North and inside the Arctic Circle.

In addition, PetroAlliance has a wide experience in cementing of any casing section, performing other pumping operations while drilling and wells treatment with acid and nonacid solutions.

The cementing fleets comprise:

  • Russian and western cementing units (with varying levels of auxiliary equipment and capacity)
  • Both mobile (on a chassis or semitrailer) and skid cementing units
  • Cementing operation control station
  • Mobile bulk plants
  • Cement trucks

PetroAlliance performs a wide range of cementing jobs:

  • CemCADE* cementing design
  • Laboratory cement recipe design
  • Spacer design
  • Bulk blending
  • 2000 T Bulk Plant: It can be used for cement storage as well as blend mixing.

Different Casing Strings Cementation:

  • Conductor
  • Surface casing
  • Production casing
  • Liners
  • Engineering support before and during cementing operations
  • Remedial cementing operations
  • Reservoir treatment (hydrochloric acid, mud acid, acid baths)
  • Cement plugs placement
  • Other pumping operations
  • Availability of cement heads of all types and sizes
  • Casing hardware provision (both Russian and Western made)

With more than 1000 highly qualified engineers, specialists and operators covering practically every part of well cementing operation, we can perform operations in any oil-and-gas region, including ones with complex geological conditions.

*–Schlumberger trademark

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