Operational experience

  • The Drilling Fluids Department employs a team of qualified engineers and specialists, with an average exceeding 7 years' experience in the field
  • We provide drilling mud services for the largest drilling companies in Russia

Technical facilities

  • Providing chemicals from field bases, close to our working locations
  • Preparation of drilling fluids on the rig
  • Drilling fluids engineering support
  • Drilling fluid parameters monitoring according to API standards

Types of drilling fluid we offer:

  • KClpolymer mud system
  • Water-base polymer mud system
  • Biopolymer mud system

New technologies

    OPTIMA drilling fluid system.

  • Optimal price/quality ratio
  • Flexibility
  • Simple preparation and maintenance


  • Stationary laboratories certified according to API standards
  • 70+ mobile field laboratories certified according to API-standard

Types of services

  • Drilling fluids preparation and engineering.
  • Completion fluids preparation and engineering.
  • Drilling fluids design

Operating regions

  • Kogalym
  • Nefteyugansk
  • Pokachi
  • Strezhevoy
  • Urai
  • Perm

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