Career in the Company

joob.pngCareer in PetroAlliance is not just a stable work in one of the largest service companies of Russia, but also possibilities for a continuous personal development and professional growth.

PetroAlliance strives for the most effective use of potential of all employees in the achievement of objectives and business tasks solution of the Company, whereat taking into account interests of each employee individually.

Main directions of the Company HR policy

1)      Personnel attraction, including work with young specialists

PetroAlliance is interested in attracting talented and goal-oriented people with new ideas and an extraordinary potential for further development.

2)      Provision of comfortable and safe working conditions

PetroAlliance aims at creating all necessary conditions for the effective, comfortable and safe work of the personnel.

3)      Training and professional development

PetroAlliance takes care about a professional development and career growth of the personnel, the Company offers to its employees different programmes on training and qualification enhancement.

4)      Personnel motivation

PetroAlliance strives to build up an effective system of motivation, aimed at the increase of the personal commitment of each employee in the achievement by the Company of the best results.

PetroAlliance is always open for innovations and supports initiatives, aimed at the service quality increase, efficiency of the operation and managerial activity.

A contribution of each employee, irrespective of the occupied by him position, if valuable for the Company and will not remain unnoticed.

PetroAlliance personnel is a close-knit team of like-minded people, real professionals in different spheres of oil and gas service, at present counting more than 2 500 people. 

Either for the experienced specialists or graduates of high institutions and colleges PetroAlliance is ready to offer an interesting job, safe working conditions, social protection and competitive salary.