Work for young specialists


Today the work with young specialists is becoming one of the priority directions of HR policy of PetroAlliance.

At present PetroAlliance actively forges relationship with the leading profile high institutions of Russia. The students of the senor courses will be provided with a unique possibility to have a field and pre-diploma practice in different segments of the Company, where they will be able to solidify theoretical knowledge with the help of practical skills, to gain an invaluable experience, to feel themselves a part of a strong and successful team. Henceforth, PetroAlliance considers a possibility to attract the most talented young specialists for the permanent work.

Apart from high requirements to the professional knowledge, upon the selection of young specialists such traits will be considered as purposefulness, personal responsibility, orientation towards work in the company as well as a desire to put into practice the objectives and values of PetroAlliance.

The objective of the programme on the work with young specialists is a mutually beneficial collaboration, as a result thereof the recent graduates will gain skills and develop traits, necessary for a successful wok in the company and PetroAlliance in its turn will gain a possibility to create a personnel pool of the perspective employees with a significant potential for a professional and career growth in the Company.