Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

social.pngPetroAlliance has a high level of commitment to the protection of the health and safety; as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which we operate, because we hold value our reputation. 

We are committed to enhancing the quality of our products and services on an ongoing basis, while attending to all Quality and HSE requirements and fulfilling all our obligations in this issue. 

Our Quality and HSE Duties: 

  • Guarantee and seek to improve the health and safety of our employees at all times and under any circumstances
  • Eliminate any non-compliance with quality standards and minimize accidents and incidents
  • Ensure the highest level of compliance with the local regulations and Customer's requirements at all times
  • Set objectives in the field of Quality and HSE, determine and evaluate the results, and continually raise the quality of works, products and services through an effective system of management
  • Develop and implement emergency response plans to promptly resolve critical situations and economic disruptions
  • Minimize environmental impact by preventing pollution and emissions, and through the efficient utilization of natural resources, waste reduction and recycling
  • Apply all available technical know-how and experience in project planning and product design in all aspects of Quality and HSE
  • Hold open discussions with interested parties and promote awareness of our policies, standards, programmes and activities in the field of Quality and HSE; confer awards for special achievements in the field of HSE
  • Enhance where possible our activity in areas of importance to stakeholders and of global significance Share with them our successful experience of implementing programmes and initiatives in the field of Quality and HSE

Such obligations serve the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders, and also the interests of the society in which we live and work. Moreover, they represent an extension to our underlying commitment towards overall compliance with PetroAlliance's own standards and all existing laws and regulations.

QHSE Management System 

In order to prevent undesirable incidents and eliminate all possible risks and dangerous factors, our company has implemented its own Quality and HSE Management System. The system model comprises eight interconnected components -  the main principles that guide our operational activity:

  • commitment, leadership and accountability
  • policies and objectives
  • organization and resources
  • contractor and supplier management
  • risk management
  • business processes
  • performance monitoring and improvement
  • audits and reviews

Quality and HSE compliance is a requisite for all company employees and contractors because it serves to minimize costs and improve economic performance in the interests of our partners.