Social responsibility


Social responsibility plays a critical role in the business development of PetroAlliance.

A passport for our success in business is our people, that’s why a social policy of our company is aimed as much as possible at ensuring necessary conditions for the effective and comfortable work of our employees.

All PetroAlliance employees, from the workers until managers, each at his own working place, play a key role in the efficiency enhancement, in the solution of the assigned tasks and obligations fulfillment before the Client.

We create and maintain high standards of the industrial and environmental safety in all Company segments, continuously improve the system of occupational safety and health at all work sites.

Providing decent up-to-date working conditions to our employees, maintaining a high level of ethical relations, we hope to secure in them such important aspects for today as stability and confidence in the future.

We pay much attention to the health of our employees. The Company applies a voluntary medical insurance as well as a programme of life insurance, accident insurance and insurance in the event of critical diseases diagnosing.

Main principles of personnel social support: interesting and decently paid work, training and development, health protection and safe work conditions, high ethical codes – allow PetroAlliance to gain concrete advantages upon the tasks solution in the performance efficiency increase and market reputation improvement.